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slika1sudbinaDo you love to be “in the know” when it comes to style and fashion but often find that it is difficult to recreate the looks in magazines? We want to help! We will help you create inspiring outfits from your existing wardrobe and even find affordable additions to what you have.
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Tech Talk: The Best Smart Watches on the Market

Best Smart Watches

Best Smart Watches

Smart throughout your life.

Most people who are up with the times know that watches are sort of obsolete, and this is because many are using their smartphones instead. The switch is definitely understandable, but there is a new reason to return to the classic wrist accessory, which is smart watches. A smart watch offers many benefits. You no longer have to interrupt a conversation when you hear a notification because a single glance to your watch will satisfy your curiosity. Of course, there are other benefits, but finding a smartwatch that fulfills your needs is still important. So which one is it? Who’s got the best smart watches on the market atm?

Try the Apple Smart Watch

This is a smartwatch for those in love with iPhones and want a watch that pairs well with it. The Apple Smart Watch is considered one of the best smartwatches out there due to some of the functions it allows you to play with. For one, this particular smartwatch gives you the chance to manage your schedule on the spot. It also gives you the opportunity to call a taxi or anyone else that you want to call. You can also receive calls, of course. The smartwatch even gives you the opportunity to dictate. These are just some of the functions, but they will definitely be helpful.

Keep in mind that the look is definitely sleek and very cool, but that should be expected from Apple.

Sport the Samsung Gear S2

For those of you who are not interested in smartwatches made specifically for iPhones, there is the Samsung Gear S2. This smartwatch comes in different styles, including a more classic look, which should be nice for those of you who want to throw in a splash of retro to a modern watch. In fact, you can change the wristband to something made of leather or switch it back to plastic when you are performing activities that might cause you to sweat, such as fitness routines.

The bezel of the watch rotates so that you can easily navigate through some of the options that you have when you use this smartwatch. The smartwatch also has bluetooth capabilities, just in case you need that as well. Of course, you have full access to notifications like texts or emails.

These are just some of the better options out there, but there are many more like the FitBit Blaze or the Apple Watch 7000 Series. It is clear to see though, that when it comes to watches, there is a new demand for smartwatches that has finally caught up to modern times.



Foodies are becoming more and more prevalent online. What was just an individual hobby a few years ago has quickly developed into an online community of foodie bloggers, lovers, and eaters. But foodies are more than just individuals who like to eat. They take extra care, interest, and attention to the food they are eating.

What is a Foodie?
Almost everyone enjoys eating good food, but a foodie takes their interest in eating new and exciting foods to a new level. They frequently travel around the kinds of foods they can eat in certain areas and know all the new ways to cook or prepare certain foods. Where most individuals eat when they are hungry because they are hungry, eating is a hobby for foodies.

ทายนิสัย-จากรสชาติที่ชอบMost foodies care about the quality of the food they are eating, but care little about how elite the food or location is. Foodies love food trucks, food conventions, and other areas where they can sample bites of different foods in one area. The foodie movement has largely grown with the help of TV shows and networks devoted to cooking great food, but it has also grown because of social media accounts.

Many foodies use blogs or their social media accounts to share pictures and details about the foods they are eating. Usually, these foods have some unique perspective to them, have been developed differently, or otherwise have been created unlike what most people eat on a daily basis.

Foodies often like to visit restaurant openings, follow food fads, sample new wines or beers, and take cooking classes.

Kinds of Foodies
To an outside perspective, foodies are just individuals who love food, but foodies actually take a unique approach to the food that they eat. Many foodies develop specific tastes for the restaurants and food options they decide to try, resulting in different kinds of foodies.

People at a restaurant
While some individuals consider themselves general foodies, certain individuals will focus on beers, wines, or other alcoholic drinks. While not exactly a food, these kinds of foodies pursue their interests with the same dedication as regular foodies do. Other foodies may focus on one particular food, such as tacos, and enjoy trying that particular food in a number of different styles.

bookAnother popular kind of foodie involves the individual who enjoys cooking at home. This kind of foodie is more interested in new cookbooks and finding their own recipes than they are at attending restaurant openings or food truck fairs. Other foodies may restrict themselves from foods they are intolerant to, such as gluten or dairy. These foodies focus on finding replacements and other options to the ingredients they cannot have.

Foodies are much more than just individuals who enjoy a good meal. Foodies are constantly looking for new things to eat, ways to try their favorite ingredients, or restaurants to open. With food as such a popular hobby, there are sure to be some great new developments in the food industry, and we can hear all about it from foodies.

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